Monday, 27 March 2017

5 things to look for in a temp

You might be pushed for time and low on funds. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise. Put these 5 qualities on your shopping list next time you need a temp worker for a hire that delivers.

Are you currently on the hunt for a temp?

Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders.

Chances are, life has just thrown you something unexpected, and not necessarily welcome. Which means that it’s quite possibly desperation that’s fuelling your search, rather than the desire for a quality applicant. But however you go about it – either via a recruitment agency or online recruitment tools like these – it’s essential to take as much care as you would in sourcing permanent staff. After all, a workplace is a delicate ecosystem just waiting for something to come in and disrupt its balance.
To make things a bit easier, we’ve done some investigating to give you a head-start on your search. Here are our top 5 attributes to look for in a temp, counting down from 5 to 1.

#5 - Presentation.
What we’re talking about here extends beyond grooming and attire to encompass overall communication skills - including the crucial non-verbal component. In a recruitment context though, it can be difficult to make this call on your own when you’re forced to trust either a recruiter’s or a temp job seeker’s judgement. If you want to retain as much control as possible, engaging a video interview system  will pay dividends.  Smart temp agencies and online temp hiring platforms such as Temp Market make this fast and easy.

#4 - Workplace values that align with yours.
If urgency is dictating your choices, a value match is something that might not seem essential. But it’s important to remember that from a temp job seeker’s point of view, the short-term nature of the work makes it that much more disposable. If you bring in somebody who isn’t comfortable with the way things are done, then you’re likely to encounter trouble – sooner, rather than later.

#3 - An aptitude for the role.
This one’s a no-brainer. We have always believed that skills and aptitude trump experience. Fortunately, we live in a digital world, and there’s a wealth of online recruitment tools available to test for skills and aptitude, often with the results being accessible in seconds. So don’t be tempted to select the temp with the lengthiest CV.  

#2 - A good rap.
The easiest, most tried-and-true method of finding a great employee? Let others do the discovery work for you – using testimonials. After all, recruitment is inherently risky, and if you’re a Small Business owner, you’re not going to throw away your hard-earned dollars on a whim.

And then there’s the turnaround time. If you need a temp worker and have the hours to offer, you’re going to need one now - not in 1-2 weeks when job seekers have responded to your advertising. “It’s only with great consideration that I would place an ad for a temp,” notes Darren Fulford, owner of Total Event Solutions, citing the unpredictable nature of his workload and short turnaround time as considerations. So when you’re pushed for time, speak to your networks: or better yet, use a system with an unbiased rating system to find your perfect match.

 #1 - A proactive attitude.

Fulford has had his fair share of temp experiences, and from both sides of the fence. But there was one fantastic temp he worked with who really stood out.

Admin whizz Karen was a mature aged mum. She came in and took to her duties like a duck to water. But by far her most positive attribute was her attitude. Describing Karen like an emergency relief provider, Fulford elaborates: “She just hit the ground running. She made an effort to be friendly and then picked it up and ran with it.” It was Karen’s accommodating, proactive nature that made her such a hit. But how do you know who’s got it, and who doesn’t?

Again, the solution here is to seek a second opinion.

In case you missed it, Temp Market is an online recruitment tool for temp matching that includes video interviews, aptitude testing, ratings, testimonials and a summary of the candidate from an experienced recruitment professional to create an unbiased, 360-degree view. For a transparent, up-front, flat fee.  No percentage calculations. No contracts.

Regardless of how you find your new staff member, make sure it’s a smart decision, not a knee-jerk one. Your workplace is a temple. Don’t let just anyone in – even if it’s only temporary. 

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