Monday, 18 April 2016

Follow this morning ritual to make sure you have the best week.

1.         Look forward to something

A good morning starts the night before. You don’t want to be dragging yourself of bed the next morning because you have nothing to look forward to. Research tells us that anticipation is a powerful tool that makes us more productive. So make sure you wake up wanting to go-go! Maybe find a temp assignment that really excites you or is different from anything you’ve tried before!

2.        Mood Management
How you wake up feeling apparently will dictate the way you act for the rest of the day. Feeling stressed about something? Anything that increases your perception of stress over a situation – regardless of whether it actually does or not – can really reduce your stress level

3.        Eat Breaky!
It is scientifically proven that eating breakfast puts you in a better mood and increases your ability to perform throughout the day. But don’t just scoff it down, enjoy your breakfast, be calm and appreciate the moment.

4.       Plan how you’ll deal with challenge. “What is the worst that could happen today?’ Be ready, imagine the worst before any big undertaking- this will keep you prepared.

5.        Send a thank you email
Every morning send a friend, family member or co-worker an email to say thanks for something. Keeping in touch and positive with people will make you stay in a positive frame of mind.

6.        Do Something Different
Keep life interesting, maybe register on Temp Market and create a profile to stumble across an opportunity you never thought you would find. Or if you have a profile, push yourself to add to it, do a video introduction or more skills tests. You might thank yourself  later.

Make your life interesting by working with Temp Market! Create a profile and get working today

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