Thursday, 21 April 2016

Staying Mentally Strong throughout Employment

It can be really stressful and sometimes exhausting when job seeking. Competition is tough, rejection can be frequent and sometimes it will take a mental toll on all of us.

Here are our tips to stay on the top of your game and remain positive.

#1 Talk Positive
Your brain doesn’t stop. Actually according to History Channel documentary The Brain, we say over 300 to 1000 words to ourselves per minute. By being positive amongst this internal communication, we can actually push ourselves to deal with anxiety and overcome our fears.

#2 Set Goals

In life we have objectives, in caveman times our main objective was survival, but to get there and be successful it took breaking things down into short goals, for example making it to your next meal or finding shelter.
You need to specifically ask yourself what is it that you need to achieve. If you’re an athlete and you’re next step is getting to the Olympics, you need to have clear daily goals. You need to understand what you want to accomplish everyday

#3 Keep Busy

Temp Market is a fantastic way to keep your life interesting and stay busy. With a range of different employment opportunities on offer you can match with a range of different employers across a range of industries. Also; creating a profile is fun, you can write a written introduction, make a video introduction and complete a whole suite of skills tests to show off how good you are in the office or workplace.

Make your next goal Creating a Profile on Temp Market to find the Temp Assignments you want, when you want!

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