Tuesday, 5 July 2016

What do you need to get done today? What ever it is, Temp Market can help.

Taking on permanent employees with the forecast of business growth uncertain, could expose you to considerable costs. On the flipside, increasing work load pressures on your best people can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.
Temp Market provides businesses with a database of temporary workers which you can hire  when you need, and grow your business the right way.

·         Search from over 300 available temp profiles.
·         Input specific criteria; including pay rate, location and skills required for the job
·         You can review skills testing and video introductions in each temp profile so you know who will be turning up for work.

We’ve designed a platform that is easy to use, and allows you to find exactly who you need. With a large pool of skilled, screened and available temps, Temp Market can meet your staff demands instantly.

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