Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Temp Market Client Profile: NZ Blue

Temp Market Client Profile: NZ Blue

NZ Blue is another great example of how Temp Market is continuing to save businesses time and money when they need temporary staff at the last minute.

Fitness equipment supplier NZ Blue had a major trade event on the horizon and needed another pair of hands in the office to relieve mounting administration pressures. Because this was a yearly event they couldn’t justify spending time or the money to take on another permanent Administrator.

However, like many seasonal periods if they didn’t take on extra labour it would be a drain on resources and increase current workloads to an unproductive level. ‘On paper it sounds straight forward to just hire a temp, however in reality, we would always have to factor in agency fees and not actually knowing whether the person actually had the basic skills to do the job.’
In the past we paid north of $35 dollars per hour for a temporary worker via an agency. ‘We were basically paying a fortune for someone who turned out to be unsuited for the role anyway.’ ‘It felt like a burden trying to train this person on our accounting software, and watch them type at 20 words a minute’. When you are in need of temporary assistance, the last thing you need is to be spending more time training.

Since turning exclusively to Temp Market, the team at NZ Blue could find someone who fit within their budget, was currently available, and had the relevant skills to hit the ground running.

‘Temp Market’s affordability meant we could take someone on for a week-long project when we normally couldn’t spare the time or money going through a recruitment agency.’
By enabling NZ Blue to take on staff when they need and without the agency costs, they could glide through busy periods.

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