Sunday, 12 June 2016

Temp Market Client Profile: Treescape

Treescape is proof that Temp Market is continuing to save companies money on their temporary and contract workers.  

Treescape found Temp Market after feeling constant pressure from the never ending administration work. Group Systems Accountant for Treescape, Lorraine Cleaver, was really reluctant to use a recruitment agency and pay a premium for someone to do what she thought was a rudimentary job. ‘I just wanted to find someone who could do basic data entry, answering phones and admin tasks. That is when she discovered Temp Market.

“I visited their website, specified my criteria for the job and I was instantly matched to suitable workers.’  After browsing profiles of workers who were available and met her criteria, Lorraine watched their introductory video and read their introductions. She then picked her temp and sent out the assignment request.

‘I don’t have hours to spend looking for someone, so being able to do this quickly was a real treat.’

The temp Lorraine selected accepted the job within the hour and started the next day. ‘I knew from her skills tests she could do the job, and seeing her profile I knew exactly who was turning up to work the next day. Whenever I need cover, I’ll be using Temp Market, it would be stupid not to.’

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