Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Christmas is round the corner. Temp Market can take care of all your seasonal staffing needs.

If you’re still hiring temporary staff through an agency to meet seasonal demands you’re probably spending more than you need to.
Digital solutions are popping up in industries throughout the world, allowing people and businesses to connect directly.

Temp Market is a recruitment resource that matches job seekers to companies who need temporary and contract staff. This means if you need an extra pair of hands in the shop or office, you don’t need to pay typical overheads associated with traditional agency recruitment.

Plus, unlike other platforms that simple allow you to scroll through profiles, Temp Market identifies temps using purpose designed technology that includes skills testing, video introductions and weighted profile criteria.

If you need staff to meet your seasonal rush, Temp Market is an opportunity to streamline recruitment making it possible to find instant cover whenever business pressure demands. If you are looking for staff in customer service, administration, accounts or other office roles, Temp Market is the place to go.

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