Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Need to recruit casual staff for the Christmas rush? Take the stress out with our top 3 tips.

The year has flown by, it’s nearly the end of October, and if you’re   one of the many companies who plan to be busy leading up to Christmas, it’s time to start your summer recruitment campaign.

If you’re in retail, hospitality, tourism or any of the myriad of other businesses that boom over summer, you know that the Christmas period is an opportunity to make a big chunk of your annual revenue.

However if you are a small to medium-sized business, anticipating demand and trying to find staff to fill rosters can be a daunting task. Often you can completely miss the mark and end up unprepared and short staffed, leading to missed opportunities.

An alternative to placing your own adverts and sorting through a mountain of resumes, is to get matched to temps who fit your criteria, using a technology platform such as Temp Market.   Once you have registered with us and been provided a demo, you can be matched to multiple temps who fit your criteria, in less than 10 minutes.  You can view temp profiles, skill tests results and even testimonials from previous employers to ensure you’re getting the best possible match.

If you do decide that advertising directly is your preferred course of action, here are our top 3 tips to reduce the aggravation:

1. Give candidates all the details

Candidates looking for casual and short term work want to know how many hours per week are on offer and what days/times/locations they’ll be working. It is better to write a specific ad that gets 10 candidates, than a vague ad that gets 100 candidates: 90% of whom aren’t available when you want them. 

2. Place your advert where your target candidates will see it

The media landscape has evolved and traditional online job boards are not necessarily the most effective way of reaching a transient workforce.  An eye catching and well written ad, targeted on social media such as Facebook or YouTube can get the resumes rolling in. You don’t even need a strong social media presence.   Check out some ‘best practice’ advertising hints at www.bigsplash.co.nz/blog

3. Use a candidate management tool to quickly sort applicants

Software that screens, sorts and allows bulk communication with candidates is no longer just for the big end of town. Low cost, ‘as you need it’ cloud based systems make an inbox full of resumes very 2010.  Save yourself hours of weeding out unsuitable resumes and see your top candidates at a glance. www.talentpropeller.co.nz/response-tools 

Temp Market is a smart and practical solution to keep a flow of flexible temps and casuals at your finger tips, even at short notice and for a low, transparent fixed price.    

Achieving holiday business success can reap major rewards with a bit of recruitment savvy and the right tools. Register now: www.tempmarket.co.nz/find-applicant/ or call Simon on 09 9502132.

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