Thursday, 6 April 2017

What makes Temp Market different (and more powerful) than other recruitment platforms?

On a hot sunny Auckland morning in 2014 Sharon Davies was sitting at the tennis behind a man who was swiping frantically on his phone. This guy was using, let’s call it, a lifestyle app which required him to swipe left or right to indicate his interest in potential suitors. The first thing that came to Sharon’s mind is that romance is clearly well and truly dead, but then she had an idea. 

If this guy can swipe left to a date, why can’t someone swipe left to a job?

Of course in practice it was easier said than done, but as a toughened product of years in recruitment, Sharon was determined to make this happen. Years of frustrations and inefficiencies plaguing the recruitment industry finally met their match in the form a technology game changer.

Temp Market was born.

Until now the age old question “Why am I paying through THE nose for a temp who I don’t even know can do the job?” - could only be answered by economics 101; demand and supply.  This was just a fact of business life.

 If someone called in sick, you had to pay the going rate to get cover. Getting an extra pair of hands was never an option because the cost of hiring a temp couldn’t be justified, and you couldn’t be sure if they actually had the skills you need. But luckily that is a bygone inefficiency of yesterday. We now have matching technology popping up in endless industries.

But what makes Temp Market different and (more powerful) than all the other recruitment platforms?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not the only business with the same idea that the recruitment industry is inefficient and needs to be changed. However, you can’t just replace it with anything – it needs to be better, it needs to be driven by technology and it needs to be relevant to everyday business needs.

Firstly, Temp Market operates across key business categories including administration support, accounts, customer service and warehousing. These are crucial areas to the success of all businesses rather than niche speciality roles. But the key thing that makes Temp Market different is the set of tools that match skilled temps to employers. How?

The platform is designed for employers to search based on skills as well as industry experience. All temps take a range of skills tests so we have an accurate account of their ability to do the job. This allows you to make you an instant list of temps that are currently available, fit your budget and can actually do the job.

You could literally hop on the site now, send out an assignment and the person can start the next day.

The bottom line is we’re not a temp agency, we’re a tool you use to save time and money on staffing. Ringing up a temp agency and paying through the nose is something you did 20 years ago. Now the power to hire is in your hands.

For businesses we’re now a solution whenever some needs an extra pair of hands – whether for a day or for six months. For our temps the platform is a way to showcase their skills and find work that suits their needs. We make staffing transparent.

Get matched instantly to temps with the skills you need.  Temp Market is a high tech job matching platform cutting out the middle man to bring employers and temporary workers together.  Skills tests, ratings from previous employers and video introductions help you choose your ideal candidate.  We have checked and screened temps with admin, customer service and IT Programming skills available now, all for one low cost fee.  Register Now to make Temp Market part of your recruitment strategy.

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