Tuesday, 31 May 2016

5 phrases you shouldn’t use in the workplace

It has been said that words alone do not build trust, however the right words can aid how you are perceived and lay the foundation for trust.
To make sure you are making the right impression at your future assignments check out the common phrases below that employers have found can be extremely off putting and unhelpful.

1. “It’s not fair.”

Everyone knows that life isn’t fair. Saying this suggests that you think it is supposed to be fair. Saying this essentially makes you look immature.

2. “This is the way it’s always been done.”

Technology-driven change is happening so fast that even a six-month-old process could be yesterday’s news. Even a platform like Temp Market has completely revolutionised the way people find jobs. Don’t get stuck in inefficient processes, be open to change and trying new things.

3. “I’ll try.”

“Try” makes you sound flaky and lacking in confidence. Take ownership, if you have been asked with something, own it. Otherwise, you will need to offer an alternative. Just don’t say you’ll try, it just sounds like you actually won’t.

4. “He’s a total moron”

Disparaging remarks about colleagues have no upsides. If you’re simply “saying what everyone is thinking” then everyone is thinking already thinking it, and wasn’t necessary for you to point out. If you’re wrong, it will make you look like the idiot.

5. “Not my fault”

Don’t cast blame, people like accountability. At the end of the day we are human, we make mistakes, but in order to move forward you need to own it and learn. Stick to the facts and let your people draw an honest conclusion.

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