Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Are you tempted to start temping?

Perhaps you haven’t yet found your ideal permanent position, or maybe you’re looking to make your first steps back into the job market. 

Maybe you’re unsure of your chosen career path, but are still keen to earn good money in the meantime. 

There are hundreds of reasons why temping is a great idea for a number of people.

There also can be great benefits in temping. Meeting new people, learning new skills, choosing when to work. 

 Benefits of Temping

1.       Control
One of the biggest benefits of temping is the increased flexibility it gives you. You have control of your career path and it is far easier to change direction or make a u –turn when you feel like it.

2.       New Skills
Different companies have different software, different systems and different ways of doing things.  For example IT and tech jobs have different programmes that need to be mastered, sales and marketing jobs use unique CRM systems. Spending time in a range of different jobs broadens your skill set and allows you to enrich your CV making you more employable.

3.       Experience
If you manage to work on a couple of projects and notable or respected companies, you’ll instantly find yourself with a better and fuller CV – this could mean the difference between you and another person applying for a particular job.

4.       Foot in the Door
Jobs in office administration and customer service can be incredibly competitive,  with an average of 40 application per job, if you’re looking to start a career in these industries, temping can be a really good opportunity to prove your skills and ability in these areas.

5.       Networking
It’s who you know. Temping allows you to build a set of contacts. Whether it’s getting some really strong references for your future moves, or it’s meeting people who will allow you to climb the career ladder, you have the opportunity to be exposed to a range of different people from a whole lot of different walks of life.

6.       Work and Play
Increasingly in today’s world people are looking for work options where the can live a meaningful and balanced lifestyle. With many reports of mounting work related stress, temping gives you power about how and when you work.

7.       Time for  a Change
Time for a career change later in life – no worries. Graduated and still not sure where your heart lies? That’s cool.  Temping allows you to test the waters before taking the plunge.

So what are you waiting for! Register today and see what’s out there!

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