Monday, 25 July 2016

Successful temps share the two key mistakes they made holding them back from matching with assignments.

1. Video Introductions:
In the past all you really needed to prove was the experience you had on a piece of paper. Both employers and staff found this to be inefficient and a waste of time.
In the days of rapidly evolving technology employers now have the opportunity to see who is turning up to work the next day, and can see based on things such as skills testing that they have what it takes to actually do the job, as opposed to taking a wild guess based on your years of experience.
We strongly recommend, therefore, that you complete a short video introduction. You don’t need to treat it like a New Zealand Idol audition. It’s purely so employers are reassured about who will be turning up to work on Monday, and your ability to take the initiative to add a video intro to your profile.

2. Limiting yourself:
Many times temps have missed out on assignments is because they have limited their radius of work.  There are always great opportunities coming up on Temp Market, but often Temp profiles miss out because they have limited the radius they will work in. It doesn’t hurt to try new things or different areas of work.
Remember in your profile at any time you can change your locations you are willing to work, your pay rate, and importantly what industries you are willing to work in. A great example of this is profiles that specify only customer service. You may be equally able to take on admin and reception roles, as well as some accounting roles.
Bear in mind that you can pick multiple industries. This means that when employers are searching in a different category than your main specialisation, but it is still a desirable role you will be still drawn by the employers list of matches.

Don’t have a Temp Market Profile? It’s free! Temp Market allows you to directly match with employers through your details.

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