Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Prediction: This is what recruitment will look like 5 years from now

Trade Me have been around many years now and it is a great example of a successful technology platform. We are embracing such platforms at an alarming rate whether it be for buying online, connecting with people or B2B or merely just playing games such a Pokemon Go.  In business, technology platforms are cutting out the middle man, improving efficiencies and positively impacting the bottom line.

Platforms have also begun taking up space in the recruitment sector and they are here to stay. They allow businesses the freedom to take on staff at a fraction of the price as traditional means. In the next 5 years you can be sure to see more platforms being introduced with their acceptance quickly expanding in the HR and business management sectors. The speed in which “matching” will occur between businesses and candidates will become faster and faster as the update of such technologies grows and developments in platforms continue.

The future is many respects is already here with matching sites such a New Force Fusion and Temp Market

Fast effective matching occurs through businesses being able to set their criteria and being matched with candidates who meet their criteria. The scope of the criteria  allowing matching to occur includes, skill tests, years of experience, hourly rate and hours available.

In the future are we likely to see less advertising for temping roles on traditional sites like Seek and Trade Me and more matching on platforms? The answer is a definitive yes.

Simon Hall is the New Zealand Manager of Temp Market

Temp Market, a fast and affordable means of taking on a temporary workers, whether for 1 day or 6 months. 

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