Thursday, 21 July 2016

Why Temp Agencies are a thing of the past.

Technology has revolutionised the way people do business and take on staff. Gone are the days of temp agencies taking big commissions simply because of the desperate position businesses are in, needing to find cover.

So what’s changed, and why are people finally moving away from the agency model?

1.  Technology! New Job matching platforms such as Temp Market enable businesses to smartly and easily enter in their specific criteria and match with temps who fit their specifications. This wave of ‘ubersation’, is allowing both businesses, and people looking for work to cut out wasted time and money.
Though you will hear many people argue otherwise, and that nothing can replace the god given power of the recruiter, take a moment to think, what else would you expect from people working in an industry kept afloat by agency fees and high margin commission. Not only does finding staff on a technology matching platform remove the commission involved with traditional temp hiring, it actually provides employers with a way of seeing people in a 3 dimensional light.

2. Skills Matter – We’ve all been there; hiring through temp agencies, coming across the right person will always be hit and miss. In reality businesses want to KNOW the people they are hiring have the skills to get in and do the job. A recent article suggests that given a the trend of shortage of skilled working professionals, temps will definitely see an increase and need in coming years. Irrespective of whether you have 6 months or 6 years’ experience, if you can use Microsoft Office and type fast you’ll be able to get certain jobs done.

3. Making on-the-spot decisions – Businesses live in a world where we can follow, stream, and connect wherever we are in the world, instantly. So why not the same for work? Temp Market makes it possible to match with staff that can begin the next day.

Temp Market matches companies to temps on our technology platform allowing you to take on temps which are affordable and may well be less of an hourly rate than your permanent staff so while you are recruiting the job can be covered at a cost less than budgeted |

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