Wednesday, 31 August 2016

3 Signs you are too Creative for 9 to 5 Work

There are many people who are unable to thrive or get the most out of life working 9 to 5 standard hours, the reason often being because they are too creative.

If you are a creative person, often you think outside of the box or do things a different way to everyone else. This means that being forced to work like everyone else, and work the same hours as everyone means that you are restricted from reaching your maximum potential.

Here are three signs that indicate you are too creative to be stuck working in a 9 to 5 work environment, and need to consider pursuing a different lifestyle structure to reach your maximum potential:

1. You can’t focus in the morning

Research indicates that certain people do not reach their maximum productive state until four hours after waking up. That’s waking up getting ready and alert, and fully prepared to think and make critical decisions

2. You can’t think and work for eight hours straight, Monday to Friday.

Scientifically, you may just not be a good match to the structure of the standard working week. For creative people this routine is simply and scientifically just not a good neurological fit. Many people like the routine and habit of going to work, and being productive over the course of the day and working week. However for many people, their brain does not match this way of working, meaning that they get less done and as a result feel less accomplished

3. You hate the idea of this week being the same as the next.

To be productive you need to be doing something new or different all the time. For some people the idea of knowing what is going to happen is comforting, but for many creative people it is quite the opposite and restricts you from releasing your full potential. In this situation it’s often a good idea to have a job where no two days are the same. Though, prospective employers say the above will be true, inevitably you end up coming to the same working environment, with the same people, doing the same thing. The only way you can really change this is if you actually work in different environments. 

Temping is one way of achieving this. 


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