Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What is your daily routine like?

Time and time again we see articles about how you should plan your day, what kind of routine you should have, how much sleep you need or how little sleep you can work on, when you can eat and when you should sleep.

It’s all too much!

Why don’t we peel things back a bit and see things from a more simple perspective.

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin wrote about how he would try living his life according to the simple schedule below.

"I enter'd upon the execution of this plan for self-examination, and continu'd it with occasional intermissions for some time. I was surpris'd to find myself so much fuller of faults than I had imagined ; but I had the satisfaction of seeing them diminish,"

One of the most important things Ben did was ask himself two key questions;.

In the morning ‘what good he would achieve that day, then at night ‘what good he had achieved.’  Interesting considering he never stuck to this routine. In the style of perhaps one of the most narcissistic autobiographies ever written, he explained that he was far too important to stick to such a schedule.

“I found that, tho' it might be practicable where a man's business was such as to leave him the disposition of his time, that of a journeyman printer, for instance, it was not possible to be exactly observed by a master, who must mix with the world, and often receive people of business at their own hours,"

Nonetheless, if you are sick of reading all the different ways you can possibly make your day more productive and meaningful maybe just give this a go. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and what you did achieve.

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