Monday, 5 September 2016

Temp Market allows mums to keep working, without sacrificing being a mum.

Temp Market started last year as an alternative to the traditional agency model. 

As a technology platform, it was designed as a response to inefficiencies in hiring temporary workers and impracticality of people wanting to take on temporary work on.

Temp Market, matches temps with employers directly and has grown into a database of hundreds. All temps who register create profiles; take skills tests and record video intros, so they easily match with businesses who post temp assignments.

For new mum’s wanting to work where they can, Temp Market has made this a viable reality.

For example if you previously worked in accounts and are proficient in Microsoft Excel and accounting software, employers looking for a person with these skills can easily search temps based on this criteria, and send the request out to everyone they believe is suitable.

Then, rather than forgo working completely because of the hassle of dealing with an agency, or stepping into a whole lot of unknown’s, Temp Market has made the process simple. If the assignment fits around your life commitments as a new mum, you can choose to take it on, if not you can simply decline the assignment.

Depending on skill level and how you feel, you can choose as many work categories as you like. If you are looking to do something different or if your skills fall across a range of industries then you can choose to do so.

Creating a profile on Temp Market is free, get started today

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