Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to get experience in a different field; without having to start all over again.

A common question we get from temps looking for a new job is; ‘how can I change to a different line of work when I don’t have any experience in it?’

This is a really good question – and a frustrating situation. Frustrating in the sense that you know personally that you have transferable skills, the motivation and passion required to do the job you’re seeking. However it is hard to compete with others who have years of experience, and – on paper at least – have done exactly what’s required of the position description.
It is true that many employers will judge a person solely based on their experience, and aren’t willing to take a chance on someone who does not meet the standard resume requisites. They take experience as proof that you should be able to hit the ground running. However it is equally true that in many cases this does not work for employers and they are often landed with a bad hire.

Making a change requires effort and a focus on upskilling. It might feel like going back to school, and it may take spending a bit of money. But if you are committed to making a move, it’s likely that these sacrifices will pay off in the long run and result in more options and choices.

What are ways you can communicate skill and ability to a potential employer in a new industry?

1. Look for skills tests!

One of the key sticking points for potential employers is to see that you have some tangible and transferable skills. These are things like proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and typing speed. Luckily websites like allows you to submit skills tests as part of your profile.
Not only does it show that you have the initiative to go above and beyond your CV, it actually show employers straight away that you can provide something of value to them.

2. Start a Blog

Particularly if you want to get a job in a creative industry or want to be a writer. Many employers care less about where you’ve worked, but want proof of the quality of your work.  Even you’re not specifically looking for a writing job; writing and sharing thoughts about the industry you are looking to get into can go a long way in showing you’re committed to the role even without traditional experience.

3. Let them see you!

A great way to connect with employers is to show them what you are really like. This might be a great option if you aren’t keen on writing. Think YouTube videos, Snapchat stories! Let employers see what you are like, as it can be incredibly beneficial, especially if you are looking to get into customer facing roles, such as customer service and administration – where personality, engagement and presentation is key.  Fortunately Temp Market allows you to record a video introduction as part of your profile!

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