Sunday, 14 August 2016

5 things to review on your Temp Market profile

To give yourself the best chance of securing the multiple assignments flowing through the Temp Market system, it is important to keep your profile up to date.  Here are five points we recommend you check to ensure they are accurate:

1.         Your hourly rate
When you created your Temp Market profile, the hourly rate defaulted to $15 per hour. If this is too low for you, please log into the My Preferences page and update it. Remember to load your desired hourly rate including tax and holiday pay calculations.  It is also important to understand that you won’t be matched to any assignments that are offering less than your specified hourly rate, so be realistic. It can be better to work for a day and earn $1 or $2 less per hour than not work at all!

2.         Keep your skills test results accurate
If you feel your skills are better than what is showing under the My Skills tab (and therefore on your profile), we encourage you to sit them again. You can reorder tests from within this tab.  Make sure you link your results to your profile so clients can view how great your skills are!

3.         How far are you willing to travel for work?
If you live in Albany and don’t want to take an assignment outside of the North Shore, make sure you specify this. Don’t let yourself and employers down by not being able to take an assignment that is outside your ability to get to. Also ensure you update if you have a drivers licence and your own transport. You can do this within the My Profile tab.

4.         Be ready at the drop of a hat

Most assignments are last minute.  If a Receptionist doesn’t turn up for work because she is sick, a replacement is needed straight away so be prepared to review and accept an assignment with little to no notice. Also, assignments get sent to multiple workers so the first to accept the job will secure the job!  We will text you and email you when you have been matched, so take immediate action to avoid disappointment.

5.         Make sure you know where you are going
The location of the assignment could be further away than you expect. When you receive an assignment quickly determine how you will get there and whether or not you can arrive on time. Only once this is checked should you accept the assignment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. My direct line is 09 950 2132. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook

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