Sunday, 14 August 2016

Digital disruption in another sphere

For years businesses have been controlled by the same traditional model of finding staff; going to an agency, paying fees, and hoping it all works out for the best.

This model like much of the recruitment sector is a product of another time. A period where we didn’t have the power of movement we do today and most importantly the power of communication.

However, digital disruption is happening. Consider this:

·         The world’s largest taxi company has no taxis - Uber
·         The largest accommodation provider holds no real estate – Airbnb
·         The most popular social media network creates no content – Facebook
·         The world’s largest phone communicator owns no telecommunication infrastructure – Skype

The competitive landscape of business is shifting right now. Temp Market is embracing this change by employing technology to improve the experience of temporary staffing for both clients and temps, removing cost and giving you the power to work on your terms.

Find out for yourself today how Temp Market can save you time and money. Register on Temp Market today to post an assignment.

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